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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Academic program

Program description:

The three-week course “UKRAINIAN SPRING” will provide you with an intensive study of the Ukrainian language and diverse cultural program.

The course includes:

60 hours of lessons in the Ukrainian language with native Ukrainian teachers (in small groups from 3 to 7 people), 15 hours of individual tutoring, 18 hours of interactive classes or guest lessons and 45 hours of cultural programming.

In this course you will also have an opportunity to take part in excursion tours throughout the city and Lviv region.

During the program we arrange several meetings with famous people (historians, politicians, musicians). These unique meetings provide the opportunity for you to learn more about social and cultural context of Ukraine.

You will receive a graded certificate stating the course type, course dates, level of Ukrainian and number of (ECTS) credits earned. The Ukrainian Catholic University is a fully accredited institution by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. All the (ECTS) credits you will get here can be easily transferred to North American, Australian and European universities using the ECTS system.

Attendance is compulsory for credited students. You will be awarded credits if you have an attendance record of more than 75% of the program. In total, if you are a credited student, you will receive 8 ECTS credits for participation in this program.


Group Levels:

You can be enrolled in the program with any language skills– from beginner to advanced. A language assessment test is compulsory for all students.  The test is administered on the first day of the session and consists of both an oral and a written component. Students are grouped according to test results. Flexibility exists for re-assessment in case if you feel you should be assigned to a different group level.

During the course you are provided with all the textbooks and worksheets necessary for the most efficient study of the language.

Program calendar:

May 6 (Sunday)

Arrival of participants

May 7 (Monday)

Oriental program (program presentation, test of Ukrainian language)

May 8-11

(Tuesday - Friday)

Ukrainian classes; Tutoring; Cultural program  

May 12 (Saturday)

Trip to 3 castles near Lviv

May 13 (Sunday)

Free day

May 14 – 18

(Monday - Friday)

Ukrainian classes; Tutoring; Cultural program  

May 19 - 20

(Saturday - Sunday)

Overnight trip to the Carpathian Mountains

May 21 – 24

(Monday - Thursday)

Ukrainian classes; Tutoring; Cultural program  

May 25 (Friday)

Final test; Program end

May 26 (Saturday)

Departure of participants

Day schedule:



9:30 – 12:50  

Ukrainian classes

12:50 – 14:00


14:00 – 14:45

Individual Tutoring

15:00 – 18:00

Cultural program

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