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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Lviv in May

May is the most interesting month in Lviv with many concerts, events, and unique attractions. In May we celebrate many holidays including Lviv City Day and enjoy beautiful warm Spring weather!

Lviv City Day

“Where else can you feel as fine as here?” Every year this question gets the same answer: “Only in Lviv” at the time of the City Day celebrations. It is a holiday of great entertainment and traditions: impressive street theater performances, concerts and festivals. Holiday events include performances of jazz, world music, rock and pop, dance, comedy, film premières and award ceremonies to fit any taste.

In 2016, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy thousands of participants of the Great Street Parade-Carnival. Among them: children, amateur groups, armored knights, actors walking on stilts, angel carriages, city sightseeing car-train called “A Miracle Train” bringing disabled children to the holiday celebration, members of youth and sport organizations, folk dance ensembles, representatives of national minorities and public organizations. The parade and festivities is filled with singing, dancing and performing. Everyone is welcome to participate!


The  City Holiday "The Batiar`s Day" (Rascal Day)

You’ll get the unique opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of an authentic Lviv phenomenon, the Batyars’ World. It is a world with its own street language and city folklore from the beginning of the 20th century. Lviv Batyar is a freedom–loving, witty, gallant and romantic idler. 

By taking part in Batyar’s Day visitors and citizens experience the special feeling of the immortal Lviv spirit and the old city humor. Concerts of Batyars’ bands, different comedy competitions, quizzes for children, a retro movie festival, Batyars’ song and dance master-classes are for everybody. Tasty and authentic Ukrainian refreshments and drinks are everywhere to enjoy for all the participants of the city holiday.
Batyar is a universal idea. It does not depend upon ethnic, religious or political backgrounds. It is a special kind of self-identification with the native beloved city. Batyars of the whole world, unite! Join Lviv’s jolly crowd!


Festival "Lviv - the Capital of Handycrafts"

during May

Lviv has always been famous for its talented European craftsmen. The traditional festival of Lviv handicrafts is not only a festival but a presentation of the craft guilds with direct personal contact with well-known artists, master classes, open-air exhibitions and entertainment everywhere in the city historical center.


The International Musical Festival "VirtuosI"

during May

The “Virtuosi” (“Virtuosos”) festival is a popular three-week summer season of daily classical music concerts. The event was founded in 1882, and now each season consists of over 30 concerts of well-known musicians and orchestras. It is a period when many musical stars, winners of prestigious international contests, gather in Lviv to perform! The “Virtuosi” festival time in Lviv is a paradise for opera and classical music lovers!


Year after year, it is expanding and the amount of its participants – ethno and jazz bands is growing. Also there are different media and literary projects within the festival. A morning concert has already become a tradition of the festival.

For three days, the Festival welcomes world-class musicians in Lviv, presenting international stars and fresh new talents from the Ukraine’s own burgeoning scene. Every year, this free event enables a huge number of people to enjoy an outstanding selection of jazz music and have a good time in a good company.

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