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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged


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Our future programs:

1. Global Outreach Program with Fordham University, (March 2018) 


Our past programs:

1. Global Outreach Program with Fordham University, (March 11-18, 2017) 

2. Study Trip for Loras College students «Eastern Catholicism: Then and Now» (January 2015)

3. Political Studies Program/Tour for students of St. Thomas University (January 9-15, 2013)

4. Study Tour "Youth in Politics", Fordham University (March 10-17, 2013)

5. Cultural Studies Tour to Western Ukraine, Dominicanen Klooster, Netherland (May 9-19, 2013)  


The School of Ukrainian Language and Culture and Department of International Affairs offer the STUDY TOURS TO UKRAINE Program for universities, organizations, and groups interested in visiting Ukraine for a short time.

This is an intensive program designed to offer participants the opportunity to experience the history, political situation, business, art, religion, and culture of Ukraine first hand. Study tours are available for any organized group and are tailored to suit the requirements, interests, and needs of each unique organization. 

Itineraries include lectures, cultural excursions, workshops, and various activities lead by UCU’s premier professors. All activities may be conducted in English or Ukrainian. For groups interested in language study, classes can also be arranged. Language classes are an excellent way for groups to further immerse themselves in the culture of the region.

Our extensive program of tours operates throughout the year. This enables international participants to make the most of their stay in Ukraine regardless of the time of year - our qualified faculty and staff are equipped to accommodate any group in any season, providing interesting lessons and activities all year round.

What we offer:

Eastern Europe & Ukraine History Studies Program (1-3 weeks)

Ukrainian Cultural Studies (1-3 weeks)

Religious Studies Program (1-2 weeks)

Business program “Innovations and entrepreneurship in emerging markets” (1-2 weeks)*

Political Studies Program (1-2 weeks)*

*program is run in cooperation with UCU Lviv Business School 

How to book:

Simply contact us and indicate what you would like us to arrange for your group. We will then put together a proposed program for your group to be approved by you. The program can be altered as required.

Course content:

Students on group programs are normally taught as closed groups. The group leader will normally indicate to us the number of lessons required per week, as well as the specific topics, areas of grammar or language functions that are to be covered in the lessons. Our university will then prepare the specific course content.


Your group will stay at newly build Collegium Residence surrounded by beautiful Stryskyj Park. Each room has a private bath with shower, refrigerator, closet space and shelving, workplace area and free WiFi. To see the photo please follow this link…. Groups may also make their own accommodation arrangements if they prefer. 


We are normally asked to include an activities program. This is made to suit the requirements of the group. The group may simply indicate what is to be included, and we will also make suggestions.

Group size:

A group can be any size, from 10 students upwards. Typical groups are 10 to 30 students. 


A group program will typically last 1 or 2 weeks but can be any length.


The Study Tour Program cost includes tuition, accommodation, cultural activities, airport transfers, a bilingual resident director, tours, on-site transport, and pre-departure information. 

Once the group leader approves the proposed program and wishes to proceed with the booking, they will be asked to pay a deposit for each student in the group. This is due 8 weeks before the arrival of the group.

Accompanying tutors:

We normally provide free accommodation for tutors accompanying the group.

Travel and Insurance:

We do not arrange travel itineraries or insurance.

Contact us:

Tours can be arranged for any time of the year.  Our study tours are ideal for high schools, universities, Ukrainian groups, alumni associations, organizations, and religious groups.


Trips can be arranged for any time of the year.

Our study tours are ideal for universities, Ukrainian Saturday Schools, Ukrainian organizations, associations and religious groups.

To book a tour please contact Roman Vaskiv - Program Development Director  and our representative in New York with any questions that you may have, please call +1 631 526 8730 or email



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