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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged


At the School of Ukrainian Language & Culture (SULC) we use a task-based approach to learning, which has proved to be very effective. We make communication the central feature of language teaching, but each lesson is aimed at the development of all language skills, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading.


Our school provides its students with endless speaking practice incorporated into various activities and tasks. This approach helps students develop communication skills and adjust to an unfamiliar cultural background. 


We help you understand the function of Ukrainian grammar patterns, rather than simply memorizing them. We use an interactive approach to studying grammar to help you feel and truly understand the logic of the language.

Here you may follow a link to have a look at oour textbooks and workbooks YABLUKO


Acquisition of new lexical material is sometimes a problem for students. At the SULC we teach vocabulary that applies to your everyday Lviv interactions, thus making the process more personalized and effective. Our courses include all the necessary vocabulary (including idioms) for operating in various Ukrainian contexts.


Our listening program is designed to help you understand fast speech by picking out key points and reconstructing the rest, crucial for interacting with local Ukrainians. We also use video components in our listening exercises.


Our Standard Course includes exercises for developing effective reading skills that help you grasp the main idea and key points of a text in a short time.


Exercises used include editing your own writing using logical composition and international layout standards.

Special Techniques

We present material in interesting and interactive ways to help you absorb it. Our teachers speak foreign languages, but we make a point of using only Ukrainian in class even at lower levels because this results in better language acquisition and fluency development.


Final grades for all language courses are a result of the following:

* attendance and class work (20%)

* midterm test (30%)

* final exam (50%)

The following grading system is used:

* 94-100 - A excellent/відмінно

* 87-93,9 - B+ very good/ дуже добре

* 78-86,9 - B good/добре

* 69-77,9 - C+ satisfactory/ задовільно

* 60-68,9 - C sufficient/достатньо

* 0-59,9 - F fail/недостатньо

According to the Ukrainian system of education, one academic hour equals forty-five minutes.

On the first day of the program participants complete a placement exam. Level changes and group transfers are possible within two to three days after the placement test. Later transfers are possible after a consultation with the academic director of the Summer Program.

All language classes are taught in Ukrainian. The maximum number of participants in a language class is 10 people.

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