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Why in Lviv


Lviv is a unique city, in which the history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged

Why in Lviv

Lviv is a diamond in Europe’s crown


Lviv is a unique city in which the history, culture, and mentality of the East and the West merge for a unique cultural experience. Lviv's location at the intersection of global cultures and civilizations has influenced its development as an important cultural capital. Despite various sufferings brought upon by numerous wars within Lviv's lenghty history, most of the city's breathtaking architectural landmarks remain intact. 

Lviv is a large regional center, occupying an area of 155 sq. kilometers. About 730 thousand people reside permanently in Lviv. Most of the city’s population is comprised of Ukrainians, though other communities such as Poles, Jews, Greeks, Germans, Armenians, Russians, etc. are also represented.

Lviv is a city of students. About 150 thousand of Lviv's students study in higher education institutions with a wide range of specializations. Lviv's high population of students makes it a fun and desirable place to live in and visit. According to public opinion polls, Lviv is the second most popular city in Ukraine after its capital – Kyiv. Starting from December 1998, the central part of the city was included in the cultural and historical heritage of UNESCO. Twenty percent of all of Ukrainian architectural landmarks are located in Lviv.

Lviv is an open air museum displaying both traditional Ukrainian culture and European charm. The city is appropriately called "the soul of Ukraine" and offers many architectual landmarks, a world renowned opera, various interesting museums and art galleries, several historic breweries, as well as beautiful parks and natural areas. Visitors are charmed by Lviv's outdoor cafes, narrow cobblestone streets, and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants.

Lviv is a city of numerous old universities, unique scientific establishments and archives, as well as famous libraries and museums. You can stroll about our beautiful cobblestone streets, each time opening something new and interesting for yourself.